Division of Fluid Mechanics

Faculty of Engineering, LTH

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Turbulence - Theory and Modelling (MVKN90)

The course is aimed of giving the fundamentals of turbulence theory and modeling. The knowledge acquired during the course shall be adequate to understand the foundation and origin of models found in most commercial codes, that are used in both industry and academia.

The course is based on lectures (L), exercises (E), group studies (GS), and laborations (Lab). The course includes also a project aimed at summarizing and applying the knowledge gained during the course. Within the project students get some interaction with a commercial CFD code.

The different ingredients of the course are covered by scheduled teaching. However, it is expected a great deal of engagement of the students if the material is to be mastered. The literature used in the course is based on the book of Stephen B. Pope "Turbulent flows". When needed, additional material will be handed out to the students.




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