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Xue-Song Bai

Position: Professor

Phone: +46 46 222 48 60
Fax: +46 46 222 47 17
Internal mail: Hs 9

Postal address:
Energy Sciences
PO Box 118
SE-221 00 Lund

Visiting address:
Ole Römers väg 1, M-huset



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Research interests

Bai has been mainly focused on modeling of turbulent reactingflows, with applications in heat and power generation systems and reduction of pollutant emissions. Examples of current interests are, flamelet modeling of NOx, soot, and other detailed species in turbulent flames; Development of SGS models for LES of turbulent reacting flames; Development of CFD methods for practical engineering calculations; Modeling of biomass combustion and gasification; Asymptotic structure of premixed and non-premixed laminar flames; Flame instability, etc.

  • Studies of turbulent premixed flames, VR.
  • Modeling of turbulent reactive flows, CeCOST.   
  • Modeling of Biomass pyrolysis, gasification and combustion, SSF, CeCOST.    
  • Modeling of HCCI combustion process in internal combustion engines, KC-FP, VR/STEM.   
  • CFD Modeling of biomass combustion in small-scale boilers, STEM.   
  • Modeling of pulverized biomass combustion, STEM.   
  • Biomass gasification and micro-gas turbine systems, EU.



The following courses are given in the first Spring term (January - March).  &nbs


Job Opportunities

The following x-job(s) are available (x-jobb or Ph.D. positions):

  • Mathematical modeling of laminar flame instability
  • Modeling of partially premixed combustion in internal combustion engines
  • Modeling of biomass combustion and gasification


Recent Publications